ASIC brings lodgement deadlines for all annual financial statements and other documents forward a day, increases charges

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ASIC has by default brought the lodgement date for company accounts and other documents forward a day.

 They have closed the facilities for lodging documents at ASIC offices in town centres - everything now has to be posted to the ASIC processing centre*

 This means that all lodgements will need to be completed a minimum of a day earlier than the statutory deadline as they will need to be posted, other than by those who can access lodgements in a portal, which Auditors and some others cannot.

LNP recommends that documents are sent to ASIC via a method that gives a receipt, for example an express post envelope. This is so that if ASIC processes documents late, and issues a late fee, this will provide evidence that documents were lodged on time.

This change in service level is despite the recently announced increases to fees for all companies, auditors, AFSL holders etc.

*Very limited documents can still be lodged with ASIC offices, including some merger and acquisition and fundraising documents, related party notices, MIS amendments, and ironically financial reporting relief applications...

Tony Rose